Rhode Island's Only Training Center For Athletes!  


Congratulations!  You have just taken your first, and most important, step in developing a new you.  The NEST is Rhode Island's only training facility dedicated to helping athletes perform better, prevent injuries, and build confidence.

We accomplish this by


Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses in areas of your athleticism.

Designing 'results-oriented' exercise programs addressing your specific needs.

Creating adherence by scheduling appointments everytime you come in.

Providing expert guidance, with our coached sessions, during every visit.

Motivating you with frequent assessments of progress, every twelve weeks.

Establishing nutritional guidelines for you to perform optimally and stay healthy.


"Through the use of functional exercise, qualified exercise Professionals, and 'results-oriented programming, the NEST is committed to developing well conditioned athletes, making them less susceptible to injury, and helping them become the best that they can be."

With 6-week programs starting as low as $135, you too, can join the areas top Professional, Olympic, collegiate, high school, and youth athletes in choosing NEST to stay one step ahead of the competition!


Don't wait!  Call, today, and set up a facility tour to get an inside look at the "Secret Weapon" Rhode Island's top athletes are already using.


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