At the NEST, sport-specific strength and conditioning programs are designed to reduce/minimize the occurrence of sports-related injuries and improve athletic performance.  Our staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches has numerous years of proven success working with athletes of all ages and abilities.  Whether you are a Professional, Olympic, high school, or developing athlete, we have a program that will guide you through a scientifically-proven system guaranteed to enhance your athletic abilities and improve physical and mental confidence.  For more information on our various programs, click here.


Our 24 hour fitness center, once housed inside the NEST training facility, has now  moved to a bigger, more updated facility, just up the road.  For those looking for the ultimate fitness experience, our new facility, Anytime Fitness, offers traditional gym memberships, 24 hour access, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, virtual fitness options that can be streamed right to your home, phone, or mobile device, a functional training zone, and group fitness studio.  For more information, click here!  


Athletes require specific care when it comes to rehabilitating an injury or reconditioning prior to returning to play.  Our staff of Licensed Rehabilitation Specialists have the expertise, practical experience, and state-of-the-art facility needed to ensure optimum return-to-play, in the quickest way possible.  Our on-site clinic provides physical therapy for physician ordered rehabilitation and is covered by most insurance companies.  We also provide schools and teams with a one-of-a-kind athletic training service that not only addresses athletic injuries, but, provides a solution to injury prevention.


What does it take to win a Stanley Cup?  A 'Results-Oriented' system.  A system capable of collecting data that identifies team and individual strengths and weaknesses.  A system that uses Professional coaching to develop adherence and implement strategies.  One that addresses the needs of senior-level administration and the concerns and  wants of the workforce.  A common goal with a shared vision of productivity and success must be the driving force that creates a cohesive, committed workforce capable of greatness.  When the Providence Bruins decided it was time to distinguish themselves as the best team in the American Hockey League, they chose the NEST as the organization responsible for their physical development, health-care, and well-being.  For more information on how our 'results-oriented' system can benefit your business and employees, click here.


If you are looking to optimize your physical activity, you need to understand the role proper nutrition, meal planning, and diet play.  With all of the confusion and mixed advice pertaining to diet, successful individuals need professional help in developing goals and realistic expectations.  Our staff of Nutritional Consultants and Registered Dietitians can help you in your endeavors.  To see the nutritional options available to you, click here.


Whether you are in need of a relaxing restorative type massage, require a therapeutic approach for a nagging injury, or want to enhance recovery for sport and activity, massage is essential in helping you feel and perform better.  We offer sport, orthopedic, and traditional massage, as well as Graston and Kinesio-taping.


Many of our Professional and collegiate athletes live outside of Rhode Island and do not have access to our facilities or coaches, year-round.  However, this doesn't mean training stops.  Just as many local athletes get busy during the year with homework, practices, games, and outside jobs.  Many cannot find the time to get to our facility.  Yet, they can't let all of their hard work and efforts, during the year, dwindle away.  What is the solution?  The On-line Training System.  Specifically, developed for the times when our athletes cannot be with us, our On-line System was created to be the 'next best thing' to working out with our coaches, in person.  For more information about our On-line Training System, click here!