"Through the use of functional exercise, qualified exercise Professionals, and 'results-oriented programming, the NEST is committed to developing well conditioned athletes, making them less susceptible to injury, and helping them become the best that they can be."


How It All Began!

NorthEast Sports Training and Rehabilitation (the NEST) was founded, in 1999, by Mike Macchioni - one of the areas first Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.  It is Rhode Islands only facility dedicated to preparing athletes for sport and, now, includes three satellite facilities. 

   In 1992, Mike met strength and conditioning pioneer, Mike Boyle. He worked for his company, Elite Conditioning, for five years, training the best athletes in the Boston area.  During that same time, Mike spent several years working with Perform Better / MF Athletics educating coaches, trainers, therapists, and physicians about  a, then, new training philosophy of exercising.  This philosophy, later, would become known as ‘functional training’.    

  Today, functional training is the most widely accepted approach to enhancing human performance and preventing injuries.  Armed with this experience, Mike returned home to expose local athletes to this cutting-edge training philosophy and , since, has assisted some of the best athletes in the world, including a number one NHL draft pick, two NHL Rookie of the Year award winners, and three different Olympic Gold Medalists. 

     What started out as a small group of curious athletes, guided by Mike, in various gyms and fitness centers, has turned into an army of the areas top Professional, Olympic, collegiate, high school, and developing athletes.  And, just as the number of athletes has grown, so has the training staff.   The NEST, continually, strives to make sure only the best and most qualified coaches, trainers, therapists, and nutritionists implement the system that has helped more Rhode Island athletes, in performing to the best of their abilities, than any other.  Including All-American athletes, countless college scholarship recipients, and hundreds of high school and All-State athletes

Gone are the days of training in fitness centers, health clubs, and bodybuilding gyms.  The new grounds athletes use to reach their ultimate potential is our 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, training facility designed, specifically, for athletes.  It is the only facility of it's kind and provides participants with the type of environment needed in order to train the way successful athletes do. 


You are cordially invited to come down and visit the 'secret weapon' local athletes are using to become the best they possibly can.  To find out more about our FREE Demo Day offer, click here!