Discovery Day - call 739-1528 for an appointment!

 FACILITY TOUR (5 minutes)

     Take a brief tour of our one-of-a-kind facility.  Built from the ground up to accommodate the needs of the athlete, our facility makes most Division I Universities envious.  Whether you are interested in our Sports Training programs, need rehabilitation, need a fitness solution, or just want a massage, our facility has the equipment and staff needed to get the job done, right.

 PHILOSOPHY (10 minutes)

     What is 'sport-specific' exercise?  What is 'functional exercise'?  Why is the 'core' important?  What is the secret behind the success of our programs?  If you understand the 'Pyramid of Physical Success', you will realize the importance of a properly designed and administered strength and conditioning program.  Let Mike Macchioni, in his own words, explain the system responsible for successfully preparing more Rhode Island athletes for competition, than any other. 

 SAMPLE WORKOUT (15 minutes)

     Try before you buy!  Actually, go through a modified training session, led by one of our Performance Coaches.  Experience the coach/athlete relationship, in person, and see 'first-hand' the benefits of working out with a Professional coach.  Use a sampling of our sport-specific exercise equipment and train in a facility previously only available to elite level athletes.  Identify your own particular physical strengths and, more importantly, uncover weaknesses you never knew you had.


     Athletes come in all shapes and sizes.  We have programs that can be suited to each individuals schedule and financial situation.  Whether you are looking for private instruction, small group instruction, or team training, we have a solution for you.  Let our Director of Athlete Relations fill you in on all the details and assist you in finding the program that is right for you.