The 'Combine" portion of Main Camp is crucial to assessing athletes readiness / potential to play hockey, at certain levels.  Modeled in the same fashion as the NHL Combine, our modified testing protocols are age-appropriate and allow our staff to compare scores with established team norms, as well as norms of other players, in their age group.  To get a quick glimpse of this process, click the link, below:


Our strength and conditioning staff has designed a specific, at home exercise routine to assist camp attendees in preparing for the physical testing component of our camp.  This detailed, progressive, 14-day exercise program will allow participants to complete each of the tests, confidently, and to maximize efforts. On day ??? each athlete will be taken through this battery of tests which will demonstrate current levels of fitness and highlight areas of proficiency and assist us in assessing areas needing potential development.  This 'Combine' portion of the camp will assess the following:

  • height
  • weight
  • body fat percentage (caliper)
  • Lower Body Power:  vertical jump (force plate)
  • Upper Body Power:  seated mb toss
  • Acceleration:  20 yard dash (infrared timers)
  • Agility:  pro agility (infrared timers)
  • Anaerobic Capacity:  300 yard Shuttle (hand timed)
  • Strength:  pull Ups