Sport-Specific Exercise Programs



Group Training packages are ideal for athletes looking to workout with other athletes sharing common fitness and athletic goals.

Each athlete is taken through an initial assessment that outlines his or her strengths and weaknesses and provides our coaches with the information necessary to customize an exercise program that addresses individual and sport-specific fitness needs.  This testing, also, allows our coaches to designate each athlete into the proper workout group.


Other important information regarding Group Training are as followed:


  • Groups are based on a 6:1 ratio.  Six (6) athletes per one (1) coach, max.  This enables our athletes to get "hands-on" time with our coaches and also enables our coaches to familiarize themselves with each and every athlete.
  • Groups are based on an individual's age and ability.  There are eight  (8) classifications of our athletes:

               KidsFit class ranges in age from 5-7 and focuses on developing body awareness, stimulating the nervous system, and exposing athletes to as many simple movement patterns., as possible.

               YouthFit class ranges in ages from 8-12 and focuses on using sports training as a vehicle to promote increased physical activity, general health and fitness in a fun and educational atmosphere

               SportFit class ranges in ages from 13-17 and is for the developing high school and junior high school athletes with no prior sport-specific workout history

               SportFit - Elite class ranges in ages from 13-17 and is for serious high school athletes and college prospects who have completed 2-3 phases of sport-specific workouts

               College / Prep School Camp is for athletes 18 years and older who are in school, on their way to school, or are trying to 'get in' to school with the intentions of participating in athletic programs.

               ProCamp is for our professional athletes, only.

               DutyFit is a tactical-based training program for police officers, SWAT team members, firemen and women, correctional officers, military personnel, and other municipalities.

               AdultFit group is for adults looking to get themselves into shape using our Sports Training module as the "backbone" of their workout regimen.   


  • Workouts include:
     (15-20 minutes)  Dynamic Warm-Up / Movement Awareness Drills
     (15-20 minutes)  Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Drills that develop greater foot speed, quickness, and change-in-direction
     (15-20 minutes)  Strength Training using Olympic / High Velocity Lifts, traditional strength exercises, and functional strengthening to address all areas of strength
     (15-20 minutes)  Sport-Specific segment that focuses on injury prevention exercises and conditioning drills specific to sport or position



Professional, collegiate, High School, AAU, and other teams can take advantage of the same 'results-oriented' training approach offered at the NEST.  A great way to entice your entire team to train at a fraction of the cost.  Team times, where the entire team can train together, enhancing team unity, goal setting, focus, and competitiveness, can be arranged.  If coordinating schedules seems difficult, individuals can schedule into small group times, throughout the day to better accommodate their availability.  A great option for teams looking to keep costs to a minimum, but need scheduling flexibility. 

All athletes will be tested prior to starting.  This will assist in establishing team and individual goals, provide trainers with the information needed to design appropriate programs, and serve as an indicator of a teams' readiness to compete.   A great way to keep athletes 'honest' during the off season and an excellent tool for coaches to analyze when developing game strategy and planning practices.

NESTR coaches meet with all athletes during scheduled sessions to implement the training program, provide answers to questions, and ensure each athletes is working out at the right intensity and following proper progressions.  In addition, when NESTR coaches feel athletes are confident, they are encouraged to come in on ‘off days’ to go through independent workouts, termed, ‘Open Sessions’.  Open Sessions are an exclusive feature with all NESTR programs.  They are unlimited and there are no additional costs.   So, take advantage of them.  They help accelerate the program by allowing athletes to come in and practice what they have learned during the week.

*  Be sure to inquire about our Team Fund-raising Program that donates cash back to each teams athletic department.



The ultimate way to individualize your program.  One coach.  One athlete.  For those looking for very individualized and concentrated coaching time, Private Instruction offers the most 'hands-on' time and unlimited scheduling flexibility.  These six week packages include unlimited facility usage, at no additional charge, have the option of adding a 24-hour access card, and can be purchased in 60 minute, 30 minute, and 15 minute intervals.  Many athletes will supplement Small Group Training with, weekly, Private Instruction sessions.